Where I’ve traveled around the blogosphere lately…

I really have been trying to comment more as I’m reading other blogs. Lord knows I’m reading alot these days. With just 2 days of school left, the impending move to the new campus less than 3 weeks away, and having to re-image well over 300 computers in that time the stress levels on my hairline are going WAAAAY out of whack. It is time for a buzz, I might just go Yul Brynner this time and be done with it. I might just like it.

These are the wanderings of mine while trying to Seek the Wisdom of the Ages:

  • The Hatchery is Open : Thoughts From A Technospud – Jen Wagner talks about being patient with her staff for these last few weeks with regards to talking tech with them. I had to agree with her. I was able though in the last week teach my kindergarten and fifth grade teachers Photostory 3 for their end of year celebration. I was most pleased with my kindergarten team. They really jumped at using it and are having fun with it!
  • 2 Cents Worth » He’s Not What We Think – Little did David know that I used to be one of those midnight imps who delivered the dreaded express checkout folios in the middle of the night. Hotels can be interesting. Feel free to IM me sometimes (mithrass19 for both yahoo and AIM) and I’d be more than happy to share them!
  • The Blog of Ms. Mercer » Fantastic Commenters…. – WOW! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for my own blog since I read Scott doing it over at Dangerously Irrelevant. Alice would definitely get one for postings here at Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages. She’s definitely become a valued friend and colleague that I can bounce ideas off of or just share funny stories with (just to induce a snicker out of her, PAM!)
  • Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL » Blog Archive » Temporary Student Email Addresses – Throw away temporary email addresses. I’m all for that! Even with gmail, I still get quite a bit of spam. Moreso than I wish to receive. Thankfully they have a good filter.

I do have to send another KUDOS out to Alice M. for yet another use of Diigo. Her and I discussed this a few months back, Alice….I hate to admit it, but you were right. This was a VERY easy way to compile and share comments I’ve put out over a period of time.

Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages…


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve traveled around the blogosphere lately…

  1. Tom,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. It looks like you’ve got some interesting stuff here in your blog. I look forward to checking it out.


  2. Just the ramblings of an edtech geek. Welcome to the Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages blog. I read through your stuff as well and added you to my blogline. I think that puts me up to about 80 now…yeeesh!